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1. The professor was knowledgeable and eloquent and ______ with enthusiasm.
A. was always listened B. was always listened to
C. always was listened D. always listened to
2. He returned a week later and found his house ______.
A. had broken into B. was broken into
C. to be broken into D. had been broken into
3. The United Kingdom ______ Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
A. consisted of B. is consisted of
C. consists of D. consist
4. These oranges ______ nice.
A. are tasted B. taste
C. is tasted D. tastes
5. In 1950, it was the largest ship that ______.
A. was ever built B. has ever built
C. has ever been built D. had ever been built
6. The house suddenly collapsed while it ______ down.
A. was pulled B. pulled
C. was being pulled D. had been pulled
7. “How do you like your new position?” “I ______.”
A. don’t satisfy B. am not satisfiedC. can’t satisfy D. haven’t satisfied
8. She ______ in the feet on her way home from work.
A. was hurting B. is hurt
C. hurts D. got hurt
9. There are more than fifty proposals ______ at the conference.
A. discussed B. to be discussed
C. discussing D. having discussed
10. Though Newton was a great scientist, many of his ideas ______
1. 答案:B
解析:此题考短语动词的被动式形式。注意:本题的第二个连词and 前后的关系不是相对平衡的关系;前面的系动词was 后面是两个形容词knowledgeable and eloquent 作表语,而后面的系动词was 则是被动语态的组成部分。因此,第二个连词and 后面的系动词was 不能省略。注意:listen to 是一个固定搭配。
2. 答案:D
解析:做此题可用排除法。根据题意,房子是被盗的,因此排除主动形式A。因为房间被盗在先,发现在后,因此B 的时态不对。不定式可以作宾语补足语,但C 的时态不对,应用完成式:to have been broken into。
3. 答案:C
解析:某些不及物动词(或短语动词)和表示状态的动词(或短语动词),无被动语态形式。注意:consist of = be made up of / be composed of 。
4. 答案:B
解析:少数表示感觉的动词的主动形式加副词可以表示被动意义,如smell 、feel 、taste 等。
5. 答案:D
解析:船是被造的,因此排除主动形式的A 和B。C 和D 的区别在于时态。
6. 答案:C
解析:房子是被推翻的,因此排除主动式,即B。A、C、D 区别在于时态,根据题意,正确答案为C。
7. 答案:B
8. 答案:D
解析:“get + -ed 分词”构成被动语态。get 通常表示动作的结果而非动作本身,也常用于表示突然发生或未曾料到的事情。
9. 答案:B
解析:根据题意, discuss 应为被动语态,据此排除C 和D。A 和B 区别在于,A 既表示被动也表示完成,而B 既表示被动也表示将来。
10. 答案:D
解析:challenge 是及物动词,其动作对象是主语many of his ideas ,构成被动关系。从句子的意思来看,空格内的谓语动词是一个延续到现在的动作,应用现在完成时。A 和B 语态不对。C 的意思与后半句话的时态不相对应。
11. Once environmental damage ______ , it takes many years for the system to recover.
A. had done B. is to do
C. does D. is done
12. She was looking about for some way of escape, and wondering whether she could get away without ______.
A. being seen B. to be seen C. seeing D. to see
13. This book ______ me twenty dollars.
A. is cost B. was cost C. cost D. have been cost
14. The young man ______ give his seat to an old lady on the bus.
A. was made B. was made to C. made D. made to
15. Something is wrong with my pen; it ______.
A. won’t write B. won’t be written C. isn’t writing D. isn’t written
16. The gray building is where the workers live, and the white one is where the spare parts ______.
A. are producing B. are produced C. produced D. being produced
17. I think much attention ______ your pronunciation.
A. must be paid to B. ought be paid to C. must pay to D. should be paid by
18. The subject of these lectures ______ by the lecture committee.
A. announces B. have been announced C. announced D. has been announced
19. He has made it known that much of his property ______ to his hometown.
A. has left B. is to left C. leaves D. is to be left
11. 答案:D
解析:本句从句部分主语中心词是damage ,与空格内应填入的词do 是动宾关系,因此空格内应使用被动语态。do damage 意为“造成破坏”。
12. 答案:A
解析:空格处的非谓语动词see 的逻辑主语是she,两者构成被动关系。without 是介词,后面应跟动名词,因而A 合适。
13. 答案:C
解析:英语中某些表示状态或特征的及物动词,如become 、lack 、contain 、fit、have、cost、suit、resemble 等没有被动语态。
14. 答案:B
解析:英语中感觉动词(如:see、hear、watch、observe )或“使”动词(如have 、make 、let)后跟随不带to 的不定式,但当转化为被动结构时,to 要出现。
15. 答案:A
解析:本句译为:“我的笔坏了,写不出字来。”主语it 指代笔(pen),是物,动词write 用主动形式表被动意义,因而选项A 正确。
16. 答案:B
解析: where 从句的谓语动词应该用现在时的被动语态。此句译为:“那座灰楼是工人们住的地方,而白的那座是生产零件的地方。”
17. 答案:A
解析:短语动词pay attention to 相当于一个及物动词,因而有被动结构。
18. 答案:D
解析:本句是典型的被动语态结构。空格后由by 引出动作的发出者。单数名词subject 是句子主语,也是谓语动词所表示动作的接受者,因而D 正确。
19. 答案:D
解析:财产是“被献给”,所以空格内应填入被动式。动作在将来发生,be to do sth. 有将来时态的意思。


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